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Introducing A New Kitten

introducing a new kitten

Introducing a new kitten

Have you always wanted to bring home a new kitten but somehow you’re not sure how to introduce a new kitten to your other cats? Cats can be very territorial, so don’t always expect this transition to be an easy breeze. They could get very aggressive to their new feline friend and you cannot really blame them for that.

When you bring a new kitten into your home, it’s important to introduce him or her carefully. Kittens can be scared easily, so try to do things slowly and give them some time to adjust. Over time they will become more comfortable with their surroundings and will become more active as they play with their toys or approach you for attention.

Here are some tips that will help you smoothly introduce a new kitten into your home: 

Create A Different Space For Your Kitten

Before ever introducing a new kitten to your resident cat, you can start by buying a new litter box, new kitten toys, water bowls, and other things your kitten would need to have a comfortable stay.

Remember we said earlier that cats are very territorial; hence, the last thing you want to do is to force it to share its resting space and daily necessity with a new face. That will not go down well.

Use quiet times. The best time to add a new cat is during quiet times when other pets in your household aren’t present. If there’s no one around to make a fuss over them, kittens tend to feel less stressed and get used to their surroundings quicker.

Introduce Your Feline Friends Gradually

After ensuring that your cat and kitten are separated for a few days or even up to a week, your next line of action should be to introduce them informally.

You do not want your existing cat to feel like it has been overpowered in its territory, hence it’s better to give your cat an item that has the scent of your new kitten on it and vice versa. 

Keep these items at some distance away from your cat, especially when you feel it’s very relaxed. If this works fine, then you can put your kitten in a cage and position it in a way that your cat can easily see but can’t touch it. 

Take note of their reactions at this point as well.

Be patient

You’ll want everyone in your house—including any existing cats—to accept each other equally, but it may take awhile before two feline friends get along well enough to sleep beside each other on the same bed. This takes patience on everyone’s part but is crucial if you want harmony in your household from day one!

Schedule A Brief Bonding Session

Depending on how well your cat has been responding to the other steps you’ve taken, that’ll help you decide on this next move. Set up a play session between your cat and kitten but Never leave them all by themselves. Remember that it’s still a very sensitive time, especially for your resident cat. 

Watch how they react, and if you observe that they are somewhat enjoying each other’s presence, that’s a really good sign and you can hand them treats to promote this habit.

On the other hand, if your cats cannot stand each other, and shows extreme signs of distress, then you should give them more time and gradually introduce them.

Play together

A great way to promote bonding between a new kitty and your resident pet is by playing with both of them at once. It helps create bonds between both parties that were impossible before now.


Bringing a new kitten home is something you should think about carefully, especially if you have a resident cat. You’ll need to increase your bonding time with each of them, create separate spaces and do a lot more as listed above.

But the good news is that when they finally get used to each other, you’re happier for it and you’ll have two cute feline friends to call your own- who doesn’t want that anyway!

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